Rejoicing in the Steadfast Love of the Lord

Today I am continuing my series providing examples of how I personally journal. The process of writing down my thoughts from my morning reading has been so helpful to me through the years. In the more intimate of my writings where the Lord points out to me in the silence of my meditation some great character flaw or place where I need of repentance I’ve found the reflection invaluable. I mentioned in my last post that I use a principle I call, “Taking Something You.” I try to be sensitive to the passage I’m reading and look for a particular part of it that jumps out to me. That can be the whole passage sometimes but most of the time it is usually a 2-5 verse block.

A second principle I try to follow I call “Watch What You Write.” Similar to the principle of “watch and pray” (Matthew 26:41) that Jesus encourages the disciples to do in the Garden of Gethsemane, “Watch What You Write” encourages me to remember what I’ve previously written. So a good practice to develop is to read your previous entry, even if it was months ago. Often I get up from a devotional and get busy in my day and forget what the Lord said to me in the quiet of my prayer closet. If I gave instructions to a subordinate and he accidentally or willfully forgot we would have a discussion around the topic of negligence and insubordination. So before I write I must re-read and note either my obedience or disobedience.

Principle #1 Take Something With You

Principle #2 Watch What You Write

Here’s todays journaling from Psalm 32:10-11

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