Joy In The Morning & Despising Things

I’m gonna be doing something new for a while. I have journaled off and on for many years. I find that it helps me to process my daily Scripture reading, my times of silent meditation, as well as other devotional reading I do. I encourage others to journal often as part of their devotional life but some have expressed finding the prospect daunting. Not because they can’t but because they never have and do not know where to start. So I thought I would just post my less personal devotional journaling as samples of what journaling can look like.

I have a practice I call, “Taking Something With Me.” When I read the Scriptures as part of my morning routine I look for what jumps out to me. In other words I ask, “Is there a particular portion of my reading that drew my attention.” I do this with other Christian devotional reading too and sometimes notice that they tie together in some way. I then write down how I think they tie together for my own spiritual encouragement. Here is the first of my handwritten Musings Divine. I hope you find it edifying.

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