Business as a Mission in a Closed Agrarian Society

My good friends and compadres over at Compassionate Hope Foundation are having a special event this Thursday evening.  Instead of our regular SoPo G2G at my house on Thursday evening, we are going to go and learn adaptive missions principles for using business as a mission from an actual hands-on practicioner.  The gentleman that is coming has been practicing these principles in a closed agrarian society in Asia for many years very effectively.  This will not be an ivory tower lecture but an account of how on the ground work is currently being done.  Lighthouse is pleased to host this event, following on the heels of last weeks Missions Conference, this is a great way to continue to stoke the fires of your heart for missions among the nations.  So plan on coming out and learning about the creative, exciting, and holistic forms of Christian redemption going on around the world.

When:    Thursday Night 7 pm to 10 pm

Where:   Lighthouse Christian Fellowship

Hosted by Compassionate Hope Foundation

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