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The Opus Dei

Join us for prayer @ 7 AM and/or 7 PM

Access The Prayer Room via Zoom

Passcode: Crucified

What Is The Opus Dei?

Opus Dei is latin for “The Work of God.” It refers to the church’s call to worship, not as a work to make us more pleasing to God, for only in Christ is God pleased with man, but as the first and chief good work that we as Christians were all created in Christ Jesus to do. Prayer is the foundation for all other work that the Church is called to accomplish.


You Are Invited To Join Us

If you would like to grow in your prayer life and you are interested in praying with other believers, then let us invite you to join our prayer ministry. We pray @ 7 AM and 7 PM central time zone via Zoom 7 days a week 365 days a year. The prayer times last 15-20 minutes each and include a reading Psalm and New Testament in the morning and two chapters from the Old Testament in the evening. Your mic is always on mute. In the morning you will have a time to praise and adore the Triune God after the Psalm reading, and then a time to intercede for your friends and family after the New Testament. In the evening you will have an opportunity to review your day and confess your sins after the Old Testament reading. All done from the privacy of your own home. If you participated in both prayer times you would find that you had prayed through the petitions of the Lord’s Prayer.

Help us to connect believers from anywhere and everywhere in the privacy of their own home in a ministry of prayer. No matter the Christian tradition you are from or the denomination you attend there is a place for you at the Opus Dei.



SPCC Prayer Book

Solomon’s Porch Christian Community produces a Prayer Book each month that is available in print copy at our regular worship services. Below is a link to a digital version. During the Opus Dei prayer times Pastor Jeremy shares his screen so that you may see the prayers we pray together.

SPCC Prayer Book for August 2022

SPCC Prayer Book for September 2022


Every Tuesday & Thursday @ 2 PM

Fall Season: September 8th – December 8th 2022

Spring Season: January 17th – May 4th, 2022

Access the Reading Room via Zoom

Passcode: Reading

For the Fall Season we are reading Hudson Taylor: Founder of China Inland Mission by Vance Christie. It is a part of the Heroes of the Faith Series published by Barbour Publishing Inc.

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