Holly + Christian

Pastor Jeremy and his wife Michelle have been married for over twenty five years. They are both Nashville natives and have five children together. They’ve been active in the homeschool community for many years and all their children either have been or are being homeschooled currently. Jeremy is an avid reader, occasional writer, and cultural critic. His other interests include economics, social theory, history, church history, and small farm agriculture. Michelle is a skilled artisan and baker. It would be unfair to call her Jeremy’s right arm as she is his left arm too and more than that. Jeremy and Michelle are passionate about local food and living generously toward their community. They own a small farmer’s market business together called Bantam Farm where they not only ply their own wares but are also engaged in working to help other Christians become local food producing entrepreneurs as a vocation as well.

Jeremy’s various and sundry sermon series’ can be found on our Youtube Channel

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