Beginning this Sunday Night

Solomon’s Porch will begin meeting this Sunday Night at 6:00 in the Library at Lighthouse Christian Fellowship.  We plan to be done by 7:30.  We will have a time of fellowship, prayer, and teaching, beginning in the book of Jeremiah.  God has really been moving in my heart lately as I have been studying Jeremiah.  There is so much that we as the people of God need to consider and learn from the “weeping prophet”.  Jeremiah lived in a time of apostasy, that at times, on the surface, looked like a time of revival.  He also lived at the very end of his own civilization and witnessed God’s judgment fall upon his land.  Called as a mere child, anointed from the womb, Jeremiah will be one of only three prophets that I can think of that such a thing can be said about them.  The other two are of course John the Baptist and our Lord.  I think we will work through the first 2 chapters of Jeremiah, but I am not sure, as I am still waiting on the Lord to show me clearly where to begin and end.  I pray the God of peace be with you all as you serve him.


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