Why The Name Solomon’s Porch Christian Community

Why the name Solomon’s Porch?

Solomon’s Porch is the first place named where the apostles and new disciples gathered together for worship early in the Book of Acts.

Now many signs and wonders were regularly done among the people by the hands of the apostles. And they were all together in Solomon’s Portico (or Porch). (Acts 5:12 ESV)

We want to also be a place where disciples gather to learn more of the teachings of Jesus and to emulate the Apostle’s testimony. Worship, discipleship, and service are what marked the early church in The Book of Acts, and we want them to be our marks as well.

Why Christian Community?

We are a church. But the word church is loaded with wrong mental images. When I say the word “church”, people almost automatically think of brick buildings, steeples, and one hour events. But the church is an ancient Christian Community. At Solomon’s Porch we have a saying we use all the time. We say, “we are not a meeting to attend but a community to be a part of.” Nothing is for sale, so we don’t want you to buy anything when you come. We deeply reject the consumer model of Christian fellowship. We want you to come and be a part of a community committed to worshiping our Heavenly Father, being discipled in the way of Jesus, and serving each other and the poor.

How do we foster an environment of worship, discipleship, and service?

First our worship gathering is pretty unique for the modern era. We follow 4 T’s on Sunday mornings. We hear the Truth (Apostles Teaching) first, we take the Lord’s Supper Together (fellowship) second, we share a meal or “break bread” (Table) together  third, and we gather around the Throne of God for prayer and praise at the end.

We also have ministries in our community where we encourage our “Gospel Partners” (our members) to serve the poor. The Branch Food Pantry in Antioch and Rescue 1 Global are the two main ones. We encourage our “Gospel Partners” as disciples of Christ Jesus to pursue a solid theological foundation and hands on ministry together. We strongly believe in what the ancient church called “Faith and Practice”.

Intrigued? Come worship and serve with us.


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