“Somebody Has To Preach In This Hell”

The Church in the U.S. needs to become more familiar with men like Paul Schneider, for we may need to recall their gallant deeds for inspiration in the dark night that seems to be enveloping the soul of our own post-Christian nation. Soli Deo Gloria

The Reformed Reader

Six years before Dietrich Bonhoeffer was hanged by the Nazis in 1945, Paul Schneider was imprisoned, tortured, starved, and given a large overdose of strophanthin, which killed him.  Who was Paul Schneider?

Schneider was a WWI veteran and also a Reformed pastor in Germany during the 1920’s and 30’s.  He came out of the liberal circles of higher criticism to embrace the truths of Scripture recovered in the Protestant Reformation.  He was well-respected by his parishioners because he preached the truths of the Scriptures without compromise and he was often seen (and heard!) on his trusty motorcycle visiting the people under his pastoral care.

When Hitler came to power in 1933, Schneider refused to use the greeting “Heil Hitler” because he considered it a form of idolatry.  From the outset, Schneider was against the “German Christian” movement because it adopted and accepted Nazi ideology.  Schneider openly criticized Nazism; however, the…

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