When did evangelicals get popes?

This has become one of my favorite blogs to follow. I think Solomon’s Porch readers will enjoy the Gospel Side’s Biblical insights, mixed with sharp wit, and sprinkled with a touch of bravery. Keep asking good questions Gospel Side and read on Solomon’s Porch followers. Enjoy! I know did.

the gospel side

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The big trend in American evangelicalism: the multi-site video-venue church. It promises to leverage the teaching acumen (not to mention star power) of big name preachers to extend the Kingdom of God.

Has anyone stopped and asked, “What in God’s name are we doing?”

Think about it – we started the Reformation over one man having too much authority in the Church, yet today hundreds of thousands meet in “multi-site” video venues watching preachers like Mark Driscoll or Craig Groeschel or Perry Noble in a box. The new gold standard of this movement is 3D holographic Andy Stanley, complete with security to keep people from going up on stage to play with it…or him.


Think about it while detaching yourself from your favorite multi-site, mega big-box preacher: Isn’t hitching ourselves so fully to one man’s teaching just a little odd? Doesn’t it smack, just a tad, of man-following? Even…

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6 thoughts on “When did evangelicals get popes?

      1. Hey Matt I’ve got a quick blogging question. Did you buy the premium side of worpress? or did you just by the customizing option? Thanks

      2. Hi Jeremy,
        When the Cool Church post went off I decided to use a year of premium because I wanted to show our camp video that had gotten locked by Youtube. I had this idea that I might be able to cover the cost of the year with ad revenue. We shall see. 🙂

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