What’s so uncool about cool churches?

The stats are staggering, young people are leave the church in droves.  I’ve read the statistics, and as a Youth Pastor I’ve got some experience in these matters.  If you want to know why I am so intent on creating an integrated body @ Solomon’s Porch, you should read this article.  If you want to know why I structure the youth ministry @ Lighthouse in a simple and sacred format around the Scripture, meals, prayer, and taking the Lord’s Supper this article goes a long way to explain why.  The simple answer is I believe those things are integral to the forming of disciples.

What’s so uncool about cool churches?


5 thoughts on “What’s so uncool about cool churches?

  1. Thanks for the repost. From your comments it sounds as if you are building a fabulous ministry. The next time I’m in Nashville I will look you up. blessings!

    1. That sounds great Matt, I’d love to meet you. I’d especially like to hear about you church planting network there in AZ.
      May The Lord richly bless you,
      Jeremy Mack

      1. We don’t really have a network that I am a part of. Redemption Church has the “Surge” network which seems like a great network with a lot of support. I would join them but I work full time for the diocese, so church planting is very much a part-time deal.

        God’s peace.

      2. Either way if your ever out this way make sure and look me up. Really enjoyed your blog and look forward to reposting more in the future.


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