New Men’s Discipleship Starting Up Soon!

Discipling Dads


I grew up with out a father to lead and guide me through the early years of my life.  When I became a follower of Jesus at the age of 22 the Lord impressed upon me that I needed to prepare myself to be a man that, by the grace of God, would make a break with the generational sins of my fathers and lay a new foundation in righteousness for coming generations in my family.  The problem was that I had no example.  So I asked the Lord to show me where to start, and He in turn gave me Psalm 128 as a guiding passage for my life.  From Psalm 128, the Lord gave me 5 key areas of life that a man of God should make his personal study.  They are the Word of God, and what it says about work, money, being a husband, father, and a leader.

What exactly will Discipling Dads do?

Beginning in April Discipling Dads will challenge you to read a book a month on each of the topics from Psalm 128, and meet for discussion, accountability, and prayer on Saturday mornings.  The schedule will look like this,

April                                      Knowing Scripture                                   R. C. Sproul
May                                      God @ Work                                           Gene Edward Vieth
June and July                         Money Life                                             Crown Financial
August                                   Husbands & Father’s                                Derek Prince
September                             Called to Lead                                         John MacArthur

Who is invited?

If you are a man……….. young, old, married, single, with kids, with out kids, grandfather, or not this is for you.  Whether you are preparing for the future or need on the job training, this is for you.  Yes, it will involve work, but it will be work you’ll never be sorry you did.

Where:            The Branch Bldg

When:              8:00-9:30ish am on Saturday mornings

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