Get the latest e-devotional from Solomon’s Porch

The e-Devotional based on our Worship Sunday evening October 21st is now available.  We are a little behind uploading sermons right now, but look for Hebrews Part 8-10 in our Sunday Evening Sermon Series to also become available this week as well.

Solomon’s Porch is a ministry of Lighthouse Christian Fellowship.  We offer a simple, family integrated worship where the Scriptures are taught expositionally (book by book, verse for verse).  We meet on Sunday evenings beginning @ 5:30 pm in the Library at Lighthouse Christian Fellowship, 5100 Blue Hole Rd Antioch, Tn 37013.

We also gather during the week in our Titus 2 Groups, the Men on Thursday morning @ 6:30 am and the Ladies Thursday evening @ 6:30 pm.  For directions please email Jeremy Mack at or call 615.995.6906

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