Latest Solomon’s Porch e-Devotional

Better late than never,………Sorry folks I have had a very busy week, so I’m a little behind schedule with the e-devotional for this week.

“Again, people will have their own rhythms.  The times of sunrise and sunset, morning and evening, sacred to almost all traditions, may have difficulty fitting into the pattern of some lives.  Moderns hardly live by the sun.  Electricity turns night into day.  Maybe it is a bit of our perversity that even as tykes we want to stay up as late as we can and get up as as late as we can.  At first, a rather naked conviction and discipline may have to carve out our time apart (with God) with a certain amount of loving ruthlessness- both in regard to ourselves and in regard to others.  Don’t be afraid to experiment with times and rhythms.”

from “A Place Apart” by M. Basil Pennington

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