Get the audio from “Discipling Dad” Men’s Prayer Breakfast @ Solomon’s Porch

We are releasing the audio from last Saturdays “Discipling Dad” Men’s Prayer Breakfast.  Rather than start with sex, money, or male irresponsibility, we turned our sites to Worship, as the end for which mankind was intended.  It is my firm belief that sex, greed, and irresponsibility are symptoms of a greater more intense need.  A need that resonates from inside the male heart.  What men in our culture need is a return to the Lord in the most basic aspects of faith and surrender…that is a personal life filled with faith and practice in the worship of God.


First our goal is to help men come to the Gospel of Free Grace offered in Jesus Christ, secondly then, and as a consequence, make the worship of God the center of their lives.  Our desire is that they return to or begin for the first time, a life filled with the worship of God, in secret, with their families, and in their communities.

Stay tuned as each week Solomon’s Porch will put out a “Discipling Dad tip of the Week“, and we will also supply Discipling Dad Booklets to all who are interested.  If we can help you plan  and be intentional in your walk with the Lord, and you are willing to enter into accountability with us, we would love to have you come.  Next Discipling Dad Men’s Prayer Breakfast is on Saturday September 29th in the library at Lighthouse Christian Fellowship in Antioch, Tn.

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