New Devotional Section

There is a new section on the blog called Devotions.  Each week Solomon’s Porch will publish the passages we use for our Heart Preparation, our Prayer Together, our Hymn and Psalm for singing, and our Scripture Readings for the week.

Let me suggest a way to use the devotionals.  Use the Heart Preparation, Prayer, and Hymn and Psalm each day to begin your time with the Lord.  There will be five Scripture Readings for each week including the Sermon text for the previous week which can be used as readings for five days of the week.  Don’t be afraid of a little repetition.  In fact one of the greatest deceptions the enemy uses in our lives, especially as Americans, is to cause us to believe that everyday has to be different and more exciting than yesterday or we somehow aren’t making spiritual progress.  Nothing can be further from the truth.  Most, if not all men, generally learn through repetition, and I think you will find the passages will be become more rich by the day not vice versa.

May the Lord richly bless you as you spend time experiencing the pleasures that are at His right hand.  I hope these devotionals are both useful and edifying to your soul.

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