Sunday’s @ Solomon’s Porch

Solomon’s Porch A2 Worship

5:30 to 6:50 ish

Tomorrow night  in the library at Lighthouse Christian Fellowship, we will be going deeper into Paul’s Letter to the Colossian Church. Specifically we will be covering Col 1:21-23 together. If your making So Po your only worship gathering tomorrow, get some rest, eat breakfast with the family, take some time and read the passage in the afternoon, and come with your hearts prepared for worship.

Remember the teaching time is up front, then we’ll discuss it a bit together, take the Lord’s Table, and finally offer prayers and praise to the Father. So if your late, you’ll miss hearing the Truth taught, so it’s real important to be on time.

Afterwards there is the Rescue 1 Big Game event highlighting human trafficking, going on in the Auditorium. The game will be up on the big screen, there is live music at half time, and most importantly, there will be vital info about Human Trafficking presented throughout.

Soli Deo Gloria,

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