New Devotional and Update

I have had an extremely busy week and haven’t been able to put up as much content as usual.  I will be updating the ongoing article on The Art of Spiritual friendship over the next couple of days, so hang in there if you have been looking for the next installment.

Michelle and I are heading out to see my pal Matt Singleton do a songwriter gig at Seattle’s Best out on Harding Rd in West Nashville.  Matt leads us in the worship of God through song on Wednesday night with the Student Ministry.  He also guided our worship in song at the To the City Conference last March at Lighthouse.  Matt’s a good friend and a servant of the Lord and LCF,  so if you get a chance to come out and see him play tonight from 7:00 to 7:45 come on down and enjoy two of the greatest things in life……….music and java!

There is a new devotion up this morning based on Psalm 11.  It hits a couple issues very close to my heart.  I pray the Lord bless you as you set aside time to develop your relationship with Him.

Also my good friend and mentor Al Henson will be speaking the next 3 Sundays at Lighthouse Christian Fellowship on the topic of Brokenness.  I encourage all my friends and compadres to come out listen to what the Lord is saying to His church through His broken vessel.

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