At Solomon’s Porch we believe that dads and moms are pastors.  On Thursday mornings at 6 am, Daniel Tolar is leading some of the men in a time of scripture reading, discussion, and prayer.  We meet at IHOP on Bell Rd ,37013 if any are interested in coming. We are trying to find our way to becoming Pastor Dads together.  In order to encourage this pursuit I will put together a couple of devotions each week for those with children.  You will need 2 tools in order to be able to use this portion of the site.

First, you will need a copy of  “The Children’s Story Bible” by Catherine Vos.  This is the best story Bible on the planet, laid out in chronological order.  You can get them from my friends at goodtheology.com at a decent price.  Or you can get it from Logos Book Store in Green Hills 615.297.5388

Second, you will need a copy of the “The Children’s Catechism”.  Yeah, that’s right, I said catechism.  It is an ancient form of teaching but it is as effective today as it has ever been.  Those you can get from me for free.

Look for the first Family Devotion to come out some time in the next week.

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