New Devotion

There is a new devotion up this morning based on Psalm 8.  Just click on the Devotions tab above.  May the Lord bless you as you sit before Him and enjoy His majesty in creation.

Don’t forget to forward this to a friend if you think it might be useful for their soul.  Please feel free to give feed back as well, good or bad, I’d love to hear from those who have used a few of them to see if they are functional.  They are meditative in nature so I am sure they are not for everyone, as not everyone keeps prayer journals and such, but let me encourage you, if you have never done something like that, it is a very useful practice and has been the catalyst for the formation of my soul beyond supplication for others.  Supplication is an important type of prayer practice, but not the only kind, so venture out into the wide world of meditative prayer.  Don’t forsake supplication, but simply add meditation and journaling to your normal routine and watch God open new avenues of grace as you develop a love for just being with and thinking of Him, and His Truth.

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