Dang It MacArthur!

So, if you have a pulse and keep up with evangelical news at all, you’ve probably seen this past weekend’s comically sad interaction between Seattle firebrand Mark Driscoll and the ever sober John MacArthur.  Brother Mark, (that’s what we call other Christians in the south when we intend to talk about them), showed up at … More Dang It MacArthur!

Captivity: “The End of Israel and Mercy to Judah” Part 2

From Hosea Part 2 Solomon’s Porch Sunday Evening Sermon Series In Part 1 of this series we pointed out that the words of judgment that surrounded the birth and names of Hosea’s children in chapter 1 of the book bearing his name, were essentially all saying the same thing.  I am going to bring an … More Captivity: “The End of Israel and Mercy to Judah” Part 2

The God of the Mundane

Originally posted on The Reformed Reader:
To bring God glory and honor, the Christian doesn’t have to change the world or do all sorts of spectacular things for the good of the Kingdom.  A follower of Christ can serve the Lord well in an obscure, behind-the-scenes, everyday manner (whether trimming lawns or teaching driver’s education). …