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Monthly Nathan Project

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Repealing The Johnson Amendment & Restore Free Speech To The Church October 2021

Government Overreach September 2021

Female Selective Service Letters August 2021 (Below)

Federal Senate/Legislative Letter 

State Senate/Legislative Letter

Gubernatorial Letter


What is The Nathan Project?

The Nathan Project is Solomon’s Porch Christian Community’s regular communication with our civil rulers. Why is the name Nathan attached to the project? When we named it we were thinking of the prophet Nathan who risked his life to confront King David and turn him from his sin. We hope our letters are well received, an encouragement to our societal leaders, and we also hope to encourage the elders of other churches to begin to act more as peers to their local rulers. We encourage Christians to pray for and honor their rulers, blessing them in every way, using all our energy to live in peace with all men, and to make peace between all men and God their Father, through our Lord Jesus Christ.