The Malachi Sermon Series is now Complete!

The final sermon from the Malachi series is here.  Go to the sermons tab to get the audio.  Also at the bottom of the home page you will find the sermon notes from all three sermons. enjoy!

New Devotion based on Psalm 3

Also today there is a new devotion based on Psalm 3.  Go to the devotions tab and then scroll down til you see Psalm 3.  The devotions are meant to help you meditate on God’s Word, also I encourage you to keep a journal of your experiences with the Lord in prayer as it is helpful to express what you learn during that time in your own words.  Marking your progress in grace is always helpful for when our enemy attacks and we become discouraged.  It also helps us track our own consistency in applying the means of grace to our lives.   I pray the Lord will bless your time sitting before His throne.  Grace and peace to you all.

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